Working with BISWAL

We pride ourselves on building a strong, supportive team of employees. Working for us allows the right individual access to a rewarding and flexible career path with development opportunities and benefits to rival larger companies.

We embrace diversity in the workplace and are committed to building and maintaining our team of loyal professionals. As an employee of Biswal, you will be able to shape your own career path.


Our size means there are no set-in-stone paths at Biswal; career paths can be flexible whether theyre on the professional, experienced, graduate or industrial trainee platform.

We offer our employees both in-house and external training, at home and abroad so as to foster an environment of constant learning and development.

Experienced Professionals

Our team of professionals come from a wide and diverse range of educational backgrounds including engineering, project management, human resources, finance and business administration.

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Experienced Technicians

Our skilled technicians are often people who have come to us without formal qualifications but rather interest and ability when it comes to engineering and technical developments.

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Industrial Trainees

We welcome students and industrial trainees, offering the opportunity to serve an industrial attachment training year with us. For the right person there is always the prospect of a permanent contract or freelance hiring upon graduation.

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We welcome graduates from a wide range of educational qualifications and backgrounds.

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