Our solutions are designed to provide our clients with a seamless service from start to finish.We offer support that enables our clients to focus on their own objective of providing great service to their own customers. We provide a bespoke service which is tailored to each individual clients needs.

Telecoms Infrastructure Support Services

Our telecommunications and infrastructure support services include:

  • Turnkey Telecoms Infrastructure solutions
  • Asset acquisition
  • Feasibility surveys, line of sight (LOS) and allied technical studies and audits
  • Structural analysis, design and construction
  • Quality assurance and audit reviews
  • Telecom and power equipment installation and commissioning
  • Regulatory and statutory advisory
  • Project management

Equipment Supply

We also supply a wide range of Telecoms Equipment and Ancillary Machinery including:

  • Telecom masts and towers
  • Shelter and equipment rooms and cabinets
  • Grounding components
  • Generators and alternative power options, eg. rectifiers, batteries and solar panels
  • RF antennas and other RF equipment
  • Remote monitoring systems

Managed Services

We manage over three thousand telecommunications sites on behalf of the largest telecoms providers in Nigeria. As part of this, we provide a wide range of services which allow our clients to provide a competitive yet outstanding service to their own customers. Our client centered approach means that our services can be tailored to the specific needs of each individual client.

Our managed services include but are not limited to:

  • BTS site maintenance services for optimal performance and sustainable proactive infrastructure wellness
  • Fuel storage and distribution

Power Generation and Supply

We are committed to a safer, greener world and therefore focus on providing sustainable, alternative power as well as fuel-conserving equipment.

We supply:

  • Hybrid power solutions
  • Solar power solutions
  • Deep-cycle battery solutions
  • Variable speed and fuel-efficient engine-powered generators